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  • You are not alone

    whatever your pain

    Stress Less

    3 million Australians live with depression

    1 in 4

    experience Anxiety


    of suicides are men


    experience PTSD


    cope by using/abusing substances

  • For a limited time only get a FREE Coaching SessioN

    Dramatically improve key areas of your life, learn to stress less and achieve permanent life changes with our head coach Adam Mac

  • More than just existing..

    Want to know there’s a point to all of this? Find your Purpose.


    The circle of life

    See how everything flows into another, the importance of looking at the big picture. How all the areas of your life affect what you're wanting now.


    Discover how the problem you're experiencing can be caused by something in another area, that you weren’t even aware of.

    Limiting Beliefs

    Most beliefs are adopted, a result of environment. If you haven’t consciously chosen your beliefs, it's common to feel you don’t understand what’s going on, wondering why you keep getting the results you're getting, you can feel lost.


    Do you often feel "Stuff may work for that person but not for me."? Your Beliefs may be in opposition to each other.


    It's no use just going with the flow... along with everybody else who doesn’t know what their doing or why they're doing it either!

    Make change

    Stop following a model that doesn’t work.


    You have a choice and actually can do something about it! You can do it in almost a heartbeat.

    We dont make the rules we just know them and we can share them with you.


    Stop going around in circles. learn to meet YOUR needs. 


    You can feel -

    • Fulfilled
    • Significant
    • Like your making a Contribution 
    • like YOU matter.


  • Day Events

    Come see what we can do for you!

    Break Through

    Complete everything you set out to do

    The bigger the resistance the bigger the breakthrough! Learn how to pass through resistance and overcome your minds objections

    ...more about the Breakthrough Workshop

    Fire Ceremony

    Transform your life!


    Experience the magic, beauty & grace of the fire ceremony.

    A specially crafted process to strip away your pain, regrets and limiting beliefs

    ...more about the Fire Ceremony

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    "Thanks Lexi and Adam for such a rich and rewarding experience. I feel so uplifted and empowered. My weeks flowed amazingly so far despite the usual challenges at work. So grateful for the tools i have to manage life. Thank you"

  • Empowerment Events Retreats

    imagine what we could do with more time together!

    Transform Anxiety & Fear

    "I was so connected to my inner power and intention that I took a leap of faith, feeling love and adoration."

    Overcome Lifelong Regrets

    "All limiting thoughts come from not feeling enough was cemented into my mindset this weekend. I am enough and you are enough, we are enough."

    Achieve your Dreams

    Delving deep into inner self love, self acceptance and self kindness in a sacred space amongst the trees, birds and mother nature’s energy.

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